Power your muscles and your mind for mountain life.


“Let the body be steady, comfortable in connection with the Earth."


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Come for power, stay to restore. ;)
You are welcome to Power Yoga class and/or Restorative class every Wednesday & Saturday (unless the date is unavailable in the schedule below).  Class payment options are available here.

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Strengthen & Recharge for

mountain mobility.

Combining yoga postures with breath and strengthening exercises helps to counter the stresses of daily life and the strains of extreme sports.


To remain stable is to distribute your weight and your energy evenly. 

Performance sports require being sure-footed when shifting directions at a fast pace. 

The community effect within the body.

Not one muscle group works in isolation from the rest of the body. 

Yoga can cross-train the under-utilised muscles and create a greater sense of harmony within all body systems. 


Flexibility + Control = Mobility. 

In Yoga one breathes with the body into greater ranges of motions. 

Breathing deeply as you approach the endpoint of your personal range of motion, as well as holding it at your endpoint (not pushing) can increase your strength and control of movements of the body. Greater power is generated by strength and mobility. 


Pranyama; controlled breathing that regulates the inflow and outflow of breath improves circulation, has a relaxing effect on the brain and improves focus. 

Dristhi; a steady, focused gaze is vital for concentration; where the eyes move; the mind and attention follows. 

Combining Pranyama, Dristhi & Asanas (yoga positions) one can still the fluctuations of the mind and engage in one-pointed focus. 

Control of attention and engaging in deeper awareness are fundamental practices in the yoga and meditation for self realisation.


What happens when a rubber band that is dry and brittle is stretched?
It snaps and breaks. 

Resilience is akin to being elastic. When stretched one wants to be strong, pliable and return to shape. 

In restorative yoga (longer resting/ stretching positions) the muscles are trained to relax entirely while breathing supports through increasing circulation to build resilience in the muscles. 

Yoga returns the body to parasympathetic state; it soothes your nervous system. 

In yoga, when we move from power asanas to restorative asanas we can train the nervous system to memorise this patterning, so that one can regulate the nervous system in everyday life. 

“Are you going to let obstacles in your life be stumbling blocks or stepping stones? You are the master of your attitude."

bruce lee

HI, SALUT, HEJ, ciao, HOLa, hallo

I'm Heidi

As my teacher Pashumati says
“Yoga is not a negation from life, it’s going into life”.

Yoga is a great tool for living a good life.

At the basic physical level, yoga will strengthen your body and increase flexibility. This will be a result of bringing your body to class. 

The space yoga can create in your mind can allow for greater understanding of yourself, greater appreciation of your body and the ability to be more conscious in your mind and your movements.

After a snowboarding accident on Whistler Mountain, Canada, in 2010, it wasn't until I started attending Jivamukti Yoga that I realised I had PTSD - not only did I resolve the PTSD through Yoga, I began to deepen my understanding and reverence for the mind, body and spirit connection.

Want to hear the best part? The woman who rescued me from this accident in Whistler Ski Patrol, ended up being my yoga teacher, completely coincidently, 5 years later. My rescuer and yoga teacher, Pashumati is also whom I studied with in her 200hr Shantiseva Yoga Teacher Training.

It would be a pleasure and an honour to guide you into deeper awareness, strength, connection and relaxation with your body, mind and spirit ~ sharpening your own tools for living a good mountain life.


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  • Attend up to 16 classes in 30 days @ €5 per class.
  • Power Yoga & Restorative Yoga
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located in Chamonix sud

Sattva Yoga Shala

"Yoga is the method to reach the state of Yoga, the ultimate freedom in unity."
Sattva Yoga Shala is a calming spiritual sanctuary founded by Hubert de Tourris (Hamsa). It is an honour to hold class in this space. I am not a teacher of Sattva Yoga, I am a teacher at the shala; my schedule and classes are separate. Hamsa is an exceptional teacher of Yoga and Ayurveda. Merci beaucoup, Hamsa.


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Sattva Yoga Shala, 75 Promenade Marie Paradis , Chamonix, 74400